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 April AND May /09 Updates

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has no life.
has no life.

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PostSubject: April AND May /09 Updates   Sun Apr 05, 2009 8:31 pm

April and May updates!
(combined due to lack of will to make two different ones)
*but honestly its just because i got lazy*

new anime!! some new eps of anime have been added to the site! i haven't been updating the anime here for a while but heres a quick view of ones you can watch that are beginning to appear here:
D Gray Man, Karin, Ouran, Fafner, Moon Phase- english dub!, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (btw i included download links to the opening and ending themes of this one in ep 1), Slap Up Party, Asura Cryin- english sub! and a few more which...i cant...remember the names of^^ but if your curious, poke around the site and you'll find em xp
oh ya...and angelic layer has been fixed, after many months of me being too lazy to do so...

downdates: (opposite of updates ya know) xxxholic 1-16 vids are DOWN T_T (yes...after shika's long, impatient hours of uploading repeatedly they have been removed once again....copyright is a sad sad thing v.v) but on the plus side, all 24 and the movie were down but i managed to fix 17 and up xp

April's randosity section!
(reminder: this section is pure randomness about nothing that has anything to do with nothing or anything that has nothing to do with anything, so if you are a rando-hater please disregard this section of the updates) moreover, it's more like a blog...

*hem* this month...i will rant about....balloons.
no not really.
i will...eat a spoon.
again not really.
ahhh yet again i have nothing to put down here! *sings a song about froot loops to pass the time*
well i guess thats it for the updates, any suggestions/questions or comments, please comment in the post. if you have any complaints or wish to sue us for this update call 1-800-555-*mumble mumble mumble* and with that our updates are done for now^^


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~active poster~

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PostSubject: Re: April AND May /09 Updates   Sun Apr 12, 2009 10:08 pm

happy easter pplz!
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April AND May /09 Updates
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