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 February/09 Updates

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PostSubject: February/09 Updates   Mon Feb 09, 2009 1:23 am

February is here! (and omg the updates are in purplish color!)
not much happening this month...what happens in February....o.o!! oh theres valentines day! and what goes better with valentines day than shojo/romance anime? XD thats right! this month we highly recommend watching romance anime! even if your more of an action type watcher xp if you want some to watch id suggest lovely complex or maybe even peach girl or clannad! shika could suggest more but....thats not what the updates are for so she'll just get back on track^^
as i said, not much has happened here lately, if you log on you'll see that there hasn't been much anime added, but the games and other topics seem to be doing alright. Its not that there hasn't been any updates at all, there are a few new animes on the board and download links have been added for dubbed code geass episodes. If your not a member yet hurry and register! and if you are, well log on and enjoy^^

and also announcing! from this month on shika will randomly put random stuffs at the bottom of the announcements! or in them o.o
if you don't like reading rado things she suggests you stop reading nows.

Since its February I might as well make this one about lovishness stuffs or something....
btw....just what does St.Valentines day have to do with chocolate and love anyways?? I think I heard that question for the first time in an anime...never thought of it before that...and speaking of....theres valentines day episodes in tons of animes! tokyo mew mew...shugo chara...mermaid melody...etc^^ (all those are mahou shojo animes...) one thats not....o.o! lovely complex has...2 i think^^ and along with that the comical parts where the characters just can't seem to make the chocolate...*shika has never tried it herself, so can't really comment on it...* anyways....in order to keep the news board in tact, if you have any comments on valentines day, or you want to comment on an anime one go right ahead^^
and with that...this update ends.

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February/09 Updates
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