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 Announcements....Finally! (april /10 updates~)

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has no life.
has no life.

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PostSubject: Announcements....Finally! (april /10 updates~)   Sat Apr 10, 2010 6:40 pm

bout time for an update eh?
well, first off sorry about the lack of updates lately
we all get distracted sometimes ya know >.>
here ish teh news!

after a long stand still with no updates whatsoever, the site is back in construction!
i will be adding anime like theres no tomorrow!
BEWARE THOUGH! you will see a lot of anime boards added, but some of them may be empty for a while, just wait a little bit for us to fill them all up with epic anime for your enjoyment
yes, we have used the current banner since the beginning, unfortunately it is time for a change, this time, a banner that was created specifically for this site!
i am holding a contest on another website for the design and creation of a new banner just for this site! depending on how the banner turns out, the colors of the site might change as well, so you may be seeing some big changes here soon xp

i think thats about all,
first update in ages and hardly anything to say v.v sorry folks
until next time~ byes^^

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Announcements....Finally! (april /10 updates~)
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