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 August/08 Updates

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PostSubject: August/08 Updates   Fri Aug 01, 2008 4:02 pm

August updates!
Site is still not fully completed...still progressing slowly though^^
---edit aug 30: i take that back, its still not finished but its progressing really fast compared to earlier^^

Recently Added:
School Rumble 1-26 + extra class,xxxHolic 1-15,Itazura na Kiss(up to date(20)),Black Cat,Scrapped Princess(complete),Best Student Council(eng and sub),Shugo Chara 45,,TRC(season1 complete),Nogizaka Haruka No Himitsu(up to date(6))
and more....xp
--sorry i keep forgetting to update this, if you really want to know whats been added you'll have to be logged on nd just look in the anime board xp

Next To Be Added:
Buso Renkin(dub), Get Backers(dub),Sister Princess(dub)....and more! (note: im not very quick at adding things so its not like these are all gonna be up right away^^)

Added As Uploaded:
xxxHolic (english dub)

Note: You must be logged on to view episodes

Last Updated: Aug 30/08

Other Updates:

v those updates are pretty old now...
(yaay! no longer in need of staff!)
New Admin: Takamishi
New Mods: Bleach4ever,kenji-kun

Games have been added by Takamishi so feel free to play them
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August/08 Updates
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