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 March /09 Updates

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has no life.

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PostSubject: March /09 Updates   Sat Mar 07, 2009 4:41 pm

already march o.o
heres a ultra quick update (only ultra short cuz theres nothing really to announce)

as you may have already noticed, this site seems to be dying, in desperate attempt to save the world of al from the ebil aliens that are killing it, i have adjusted a few things in the forum, and GUESTS can now watch some of the anime we have here^^

I also caught up a bit with the weekly episodes, some of them anyways, bleach dub and shugo chara have been updated, and I'm about to work on others^^
not many new series have been added, T-T its hard to do all this around school ya know...but since spring break is coming, there WILL be updates this month! or most likely (i cant see the future sorry)

random part: (aka the part that has absolutely nothing to do with absolutely anything, which you should not read if you have a life or other ways to waste your time)
umm....i have nothing to say here so you can just imagine i said something uber cool and comment on how awesome it was kay^^
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March /09 Updates
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