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PostSubject: Anime Watching Navigation   Wed Sep 16, 2009 8:05 pm

if you watch anime here, you may or may not have noticed that the recent additions of anime, and some of the older ones have Previous Episode/ Next Episode buttons below the videos to help you switch episodes
what you may not have noticed that it is possible to do this without those below the videos
i figured i should point this out to reduce the stress of having to always go back to get the next episode you want to watch^^
anyways, i have also included some screenies xp
or...a...screenie anyways:

I apologize for my lack of paint ability but anyways, you may notice the < and > arrows at the bottom, if you click the one on the left it will bring you to the next episode, if you click the one beside it, it will take you to the previous episode (yeah i know they are backwards but due to the way the forum is set up i am unable to change that for now)

anyways, i hope that helps, but if the episode is like the one in the picture, you can just click the next episode/previous episode buttons and not have to even think bout it^^

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Anime Watching Navigation
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