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PostSubject: SEPTEMBER UPDATE!!!   Sat Sep 12, 2009 2:48 am

hello loyal followers of the alchemist lair this is yt-kun moderator at the AL
shika-chiri has gone away for the week and asked that i do the update
now down to busyness it is September and school has started and because of this not much anime has been added but you have my word we will be doing are best on the weekends

games update:
there has been a new game added to the al its called "what anime" if you have time go play its a blast

yt updates:
no new storys have been posted and non of my story's have been updated but i will be updating soon so keep a eye out

shika updates:
has left on sep 11th she will be back sep 16 or sep 17

taka updates:
says he has nothing to update but who knows so keep a eye out for any storys or updates he might bring out

bleach update:
he has been over worked at school we all hope to see him soon

bandit updates:
he was seen on the al today we welcomed him back with smiles on are faces

missing in action:

i am sorry to say we have all been lazy this month
but for your patience and support we offer you purple balloons
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