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 June /09 Updates!

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has no life.
has no life.

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June /09 Updates! Left_bar_bleue80/1000June /09 Updates! Empty_bar_bleue  (80/1000)

June /09 Updates! Empty
PostSubject: June /09 Updates!   June /09 Updates! I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 07, 2009 7:11 pm

how to start the updates....well first off happy june^^

this month there have been a few minor updates you may or may not have noticed^^ first of which is the anime addition, a few new series have been added, check out the boards if you're curious^^ all the anime posted in this forum is highly recommended to watch, if you have no interest, or have seen the ones we have here, ask around, the members here have seen hundreds of animes and are always willing to suggest some good ones^^

the other update is the recent addition of Taka's Corner, its got all the other monthly stuff that i myself am too lazy to bring up here^^ one thing i must mention about taka's corner, is the "of the month" part that it has. As we all know, having the same winner every month would get boring, so I suggest all you non posters to go to the boards and post some art or writing of yours^^ just post your art in the Picture Post board, and your stories and writing in the Stories/Writing board, simple no? *please note you must be a member to post there* if you are not a member, all you have to do is register here and post away^^ its absolutely free so no worries there^^

I think thats about it for the updates this month, if you have any questions or anything feel free to pm me (shika-chiri), taka-chan, or any of the moderators of the forum *the ones in blue* at any time^^ if you are not a member or want fast assistance, just ask in the chat box (located at the bottom left of the forum), there is almost always someone there and we are always willing to help^^
i hope you all have a good month >.<

*extra blah blah that has nothing to do with the updates*

as some of the older members may know, the site is nearing its 1 year anniversary! yup, thats right! come July 12th the site will officially be 1 year old!
i regret to say however, that i, the wonderful creator of the site *lol* will not be present here that day v.v in fact i wont be here for the entire month of july, so id like to say ahead of time, thank you all who have stuck with us through the year and helped the site to grow this much, without all you here the site would have completely fallen to a deep dark hole of nothingness T-T so thanks^^ and lets try to keep things running even better this year >.<

June /09 Updates! Sigish_1
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Bandit king
Bandit king

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June /09 Updates! Left_bar_bleue90/1000June /09 Updates! Empty_bar_bleue  (90/1000)

June /09 Updates! Empty
PostSubject: Re: June /09 Updates!   June /09 Updates! I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 09, 2009 1:07 am

I one like to "of the month rewards" I am the powerful one

try to beat me
especially at drawings

tell ya what if you guys beat me twice in a row at drawing I will get a MySpace or a Gaia Online you choose. ( only one per winning of bet )

June /09 Updates! Dark_s11
I am an artist. . . got a problem with that
If you guys need an anime reuploaded or if you know a better video PM me i will search and post as soon as i see it.
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June /09 Updates!
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