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has no life.

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PostSubject: Forum Updates!   Fri Mar 27, 2009 8:33 pm

Rare eh, theres actually more updates for once^^

some new things have been added to the forum and I figure I should let you all know just what has changed, and whats new^^

Firstly! There is now a Role Play board for all you role play lovers! If you are a member you can now go to your profile, and customize your very own role play character^^ Then head over to the role play board, play with the other members and build up experience points^^

There is also a few other forum changes. The members list now shows pictures beside the names....(not that thats really important I just figured I should let you know...) then theres the Karma, and Reputation points system! To gain reputation, you can post (anywhere but the games...) and gain karma from other members! To gain karma, answer peoples questions to get "thanks" which gives you 3 karma, and 3 rep points, or, if someone likes your post they can click the + signs to give you 1 karma, the - signs however, will decrease your karma, so careful what you say^^

thats about it i think, enjoy^^

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Forum Updates!
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